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Live Healthier By First Building a Stronger Body

It’s everybody’s dream to live forever right? Well, outside of cryotherapy that isn’t possible just quite yet. However, science has come a long way and we know a lot more now about health and fitness in particular that there’s really no excuse not to live well into our eighties, nineties or even past one-hundred years old!

Before we get carried away though, we have to start with the basics. This boils down to living as healthy as possible each day of your life so that you may live a longer overall period of time. For everyone under the age of seventy, this means you have to eat healthy but most importantly, you have to work out too!

How to Start Learning About Working Out for Free

Where to start right? Well, you can subscribe to a fitness publication to get pointers and tips. Publications like Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness or even FLEX (for the more hardcore) offer a ton of great information for getting in shape and living healthy. 2000px-mens_health-svg

You don’t have to pay money for a monthly magazine subscription though if you want to get workout advice worthy of professionals. Online blogs offer a plethora of fitness advice, often tailored to very specific individuals. There are blogs for elderly who want to get in shape, blogs for working women, blogs for teenagers, blogs for fat people looking to get skinny and blogs for skinny people looking to get muscular.

One such blog for example, Skinny Yoked, specializes in actionable advice for tall skinny people with high metabolism rates who want to add muscle and learn how to workout.skinny-yoked-logo

Outside of online blogs there are hundreds of thousands of helpful instructional fitness videos available for free consumption on Youtube, in case you prefer watching instead of reading.

There are a few things you should keep in mind though when evaluating the sources you use to educate yourself. We’ve listed out some simple guidelines below to help you out.

Make Sure The Blogger Has History

  • Check the age of their website or Youtube channel to know how long they’ve been around.
  • Check out their social media, like their Facebook page and Twitter to see how active they are and for how long.
  • Google their brand name to find everything about them, including old posts that might otherwise be buried.

Make Sure the Blogger Isn’t Working for a Supplement Company

  • Look at the website’s Terms of Service page or About page and try to find if they are sponsored by a corporation.
  • Send them a message on their Contact page or via social media and ask them directly if they are sponsored.

Make Sure the Blogger Supports Claims with Citations and Facts.

  • Make sure declarations that advise spending money are supported by citations from authority studies.
  • Look for University-backed studies to support claims whenever possible.
  • If the blogger or fitness authority does not use citations, make sure they have a degree in Sports Therapy or some other formal education on the subject.

So, there you have it, everything you need to keep in mind when looking to start your own personal fitness journey. Of course there are more ways to learn about working out that what was mentioned here; community classes, books, DVDs, or just asking friends who are in shape what they do.

The point is there is no one correct way to learn about fitness and often times the best way to learn is by combining multiple educational resources. This means sometimes watch Youtube videos, sometimes read blogs like Skinny Yoked, and sometimes read print magazines from big companies. In the end you will have a more well rounded knowledge of what it takes to be fit and hopefully live forever!