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Meth is the shortened and more commonly used name for Methamphetamine which is a drug developed in the United States in the 1950s to help people to lose weight. Although proclaimed to be a great success at first and being called a miracle drug, later research found that the drug actually caused more harm to the body than a few extra pounds did as it could adversely affect the brain, kidneys, liver, skin and even the blood and heart as well as reduce a person’s weight.

Perhaps the worst thing about the drug was that it was very addictive and was very tolerant which meant that the people that were addicted to it would want to keep using it in increasing amounts, increasing the harm they were doing to their bodies. As these details emerged, Methamphetamine was of course made illegal but as it made the taker feel good and was easy to produce, it only became more popular accept that it could only be bought on the illegal market.

As the United States government has been fighting it’s so called war on drugs for several decades now, it has paid a lot of attention to the import of illegal drugs from other countries but the problem is that as Methamphetamine is relatively easy to produce, people produce it in the United States and so tighter border checks play no role in reducing the number of people addicted to Methamphetamine and the numbers continue to increase.

The drug affects the brain and can make people irritable, subject to insomnia, angry, anxious and sometimes paranoid. Even with moderate use over a short period, Meth can cause problems with a person’s liver or kidneys but of course with prolonged, excessive use the damage to those organs can be even more severe and often lead to death. If you look at a meth Q&A you will see that there are 3 methods by which a user of meth can be detected and these are tests of the saliva, urine or hair.

A test using a sample of saliva can determine if someone had taken meth in the last 10 minutes but a negative use result may take up to 3 days to be determined. A test of the urine can determine if someone has used meth within the last few hours but once again a negative result can take several days to determine.

Although a hair sample can determine if meth has been taken in the previous 3 months, it will not be able to determine if it had been taken in the last 3 months or the last week.

It is therefore the saliva sample which is used by law enforcement to determine if someone is still a user whilst a urine or hair sample is used to determine if they ever have been. Depending on how long and much meth someone has been taking, the actual noticeable effects of someone who is taking meth can last between 6 to 24 hours.